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Duck Soup

1I5A3854So, what do you do with a duck carcass in your refrigerator? According to Gwyneth Paltrow, you make soup out of it. Thankfully, I had just finished cooking a whole duck, so the time had come. Let’s make Duck Broth With Soba.

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Menu-Making With Gwyneth

Hey, guys! I’m back! Again! Sorry for the extremely long absences, but this site is simply a hobby for me, so it frequently has to take a backseat to more profitable ventures. (In that spirit, I will have a few things happening in the upcoming months that will give you MORE DANNY, if that’s what you’re desperate for. And if that is what you’re desperate for, then maybe you should talk to someone about that?) Anyway, let’s see how many recipes I can bang out before I disappear for 4 months again, right? Today’s post encompasses a whopping four recipes (actually, there’s a surprise fifth), and as a sign of good faith, let me tell you that I’m typing this as a pot simmers away on the stove in preparation of my next recipe. So there will be more in the near future, I guarantee it. Here’s a sneak preview: Continue reading


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Okay, wow, I am really behind on blogging. You guys, I have so many recipes I’ve cooked recently that I still have to write about! Let’s dooooo this! I’m also going to be posting these out of order of when I cooked them, because I don’t really feel like writing about some stupid dessert right now. Let’s talk about Broccoli and Cheese Soup!

Where we last left off, I had just moved into my beautiful new apartment, and forgive me for bragging, but it’s so beautiful!!! I completely lucked out with this place. It’s perfect for the owner of a massive, massive, idiotic dog. The downside is that it’s in what is more or less a total subway dead zone in Brooklyn, so no one will ever visit me because you have to pack food and water on the subway to keep your energy up for the long journey. ANYWAY. I moved into this place. It’s great.

Wait, can I derail things to update you guys on my job? It’s fun! I like it! Even though I was still doing work from home at 9:30 last night, like some sort of ADULT or something. BOOOOOO. (Full disclosure: While I was working, I was also watching cartoons.) Anyway, the reason I’m talking about this is to say I actually have a full-on FRIEND through work now, which is great, and we now have a lunchtime bet going, which is relevant to this blog post. See? We’re not totally off-topic. But bear with me as I explain. Continue reading


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The End of the Project (In Portland)

Well, the time has come for me to leave. I’m just taking a brief break from loading my U-Haul to write about the last Gwyneth recipe I ever cooked in Portland. I have a ton to do before I leave tomorrow, so let’s make this quick! But you know what’s not quick? Tortilla Soup. (Nailed that segue.) Continue reading


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Midnight Soup

As part of my new, diligent effort to actually finish this stupid project, I completed two more recipes last night. Well, it’s really one recipe, served two different ways, so thankfully for Gwyneth and I, it still counts toward the total. Yesterday was a gloomy, drizzly, miserable day in Portland that — coupled with saying goodbye to Ali the night before — left me in a malaise. Some comforting soup would be perfect, I thought, turning the page to Slow-Roasted Tomato Soup: Two Ways, and smiling appreciatively at the “1 hour” total preparation time. Easy, delicious, and something I can serve grilled cheese alongside. Isn’t that the kind of dinner everyone is searching for? And then I noticed the main ingredient was Gwyneth’s slow-roasted tomatoes (previously completed for Chicken Milanese), which take FOUR TO FIVE HOURS TO MAKE. God damnit, lady, you’ve screwed me again. Continue reading


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Gazpacho Party!

When your mom yells at you via a blog comment to cook more, you know you’re doing something wrong. Added to that is the fact that summer has suddenly come to an end, and the realization that I neglected to make gazpacho all season. Plus, I had a party to go to this weekend. So, for all these reasons: Gazpacho was made on Saturday night. Continue reading


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Corn Chowdah

Well, I took a bit of a break, which I think is necessary after extinguishing a life for the first time, but I have already cooked two Gwyneth recipes this week, so now it’s time to play some catch-up. First up is Corn Chowder, because it’s the time of year for good corn, right? (I actually have no idea what season is really corn season, so I could be entirely off on this. Maybe it’s actually autumn? Don’t worry about filling me in; I don’t really care that much.) Continue reading


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