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Butchering 101

chicks and dumpsI’ve been eyeing the Chicken & Dumplings recipe since I bought this cookbook. Who doesn’t love chicken and dumplings?! Gwyneth promises right away it’s the “homiest” dish in the book, so I saved it for an especially cold day. My main apprehension was that the first step is to cut apart a whole chicken, something I have never attempted. But, if Gwyneth has already convinced me to kill things, cutting apart something dead should be no problem, right?  Continue reading


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Menu-Making With Gwyneth

Hey, guys! I’m back! Again! Sorry for the extremely long absences, but this site is simply a hobby for me, so it frequently has to take a backseat to more profitable ventures. (In that spirit, I will have a few things happening in the upcoming months that will give you MORE DANNY, if that’s what you’re desperate for. And if that is what you’re desperate for, then maybe you should talk to someone about that?) Anyway, let’s see how many recipes I can bang out before I disappear for 4 months again, right? Today’s post encompasses a whopping four recipes (actually, there’s a surprise fifth), and as a sign of good faith, let me tell you that I’m typing this as a pot simmers away on the stove in preparation of my next recipe. So there will be more in the near future, I guarantee it. Here’s a sneak preview: Continue reading


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Celebrating New York with Mediocrity

Last night there was a lot to celebrate: my friend Lisa is in town from Wisconsin, and oh also by the way I’m moving to New York in like two weeks to go work in an ad agency (and possibly also to gay marry Zachary Quinto, but that’s still only at about a 50/50 probability). So, everything is very exciting! Also? TERRIFYING. I have so much to do in the next couple weeks (including, much to my chagrin, this project, the bane of my existence). My head may just burst into flames at any moment. Fun! I’ll be sure to document all my meltdowns on Twitter. Anyway, I made three recipes last night, because I need to get this train a-rollin’ and also because I am a masochist.

I picked three recipes that seemed like they would go well together, based on absolutely nothing: Bruschetta, Artichoke & Pine Nut Pesto, and Sole a la Grenoblaise. And it all turned out pretty mediocre! Sorry, Lisa, it’s the nature of the beast. Continue reading


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Gwyneth Paltrow Invented Teriyaki Sauce

We’re flying right along here, as I completed two more recipes last night: Broiled Salmon with Homemade Teriyaki Sauce, as well as Fragrant Jasmine Rice. And both of these were almost comically simple, let me tell you. I mean, can you really claim as your own recipes the basic ingredients for a teriyaki sauce, as well as just throwing some spices into rice? I mean, really. This is just getting absurd. Continue reading


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My First Time: An Ode to a Murder

This is a story of romance and tragedy, of beginnings and ends. PETA members, click no further. Continue reading


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Cooking For Cults

Well, everyone, the cooking has returned. Are we excited? Get excited! Thank you to everyone who voted over the weekend. If you were to tally the votes now, I think Duck Ragu is actually the winner, but when I tallied the votes earlier in the weekend I had Fish Tacos ahead of the pack, so Fish Tacos are what I made. My indifference to the rules makes me the Florida of cooking blogs.

We will get to the cooking in a minute, but first, a rather bizarre story (which means lots of words, almost no pictures. Whoops!): Continue reading


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Duck, Duck, More Duck

Well, the time has come to jump into duck. Gwyneth’s cookbook is filled with duck-themed recipes, and I have yet to try any of them. Mostly because the majority of the duck recipes require duck bacon, a notoriously hard-to-obtain ingredient which has been written about on this blog far too much, but also simply because duck just isn’t that pleasant to cook or eat in the summer. It’s so rich and buttery and thick! Much better in the winter. But Friday I returned home from work to find two boxes of duck bacon and six legs of duck confit in my fridge, so thus my fate was sealed: Duck Cassoulet.

The picture in the book makes this look pretty damn appetizing, I must say, and Gwyneth also says it’s a great “one-pot weekend supper.” Which sounds perfect for someone who hates dishes as much as me! Unfortunately, Gwyneth is flat-out lying to us. This isn’t even close to a one-pot supper. In fact, I would go so far as to state that this recipe calls for the MOST dishes from any single recipe thus completed. At one point, I had three burners AND the oven going at the same time. So, no. Not even close. Continue reading


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