Guys, I figured I should check in, even though no cooking has been done recently (it’s been all mac and cheese and leftovers and take-out for me all week), what with the impending move.

So here’s a brief update: I leave Portland on Monday. I haven’t packed anything yet. Not a single thing! Whoops. I also don’t have an apartment in New York yet. Uhhhhhh. So things are going well, clearly? Yikes.

I’m trying to keep this blog focused on the project, so I’ll be documenting anything amusing/stressful/whatever about my move (or anything else I feel like writing — maybe a five-act play?) over here:

So bookmark/follow/RSS/anything else over thataways, if you want to be a SUPERFAN. Or, at the very least, if you just want to know what I’m up to if this place goes silent during my drive next week (which it WILL). And if THAT place goes silent, then you know I’ve driven my U-Haul off a cliff.

I do have some leftover vegetable stock in my freezer that I may try to do something with tomorrow after work (my last day!), so maybe we’ll get some good cooking out of me still before I go. Fingers crossed I don’t end up curled up in a cardboard box, sobbing quietly to myself instead.

On that note, if anyone wants to pack up all my stuff and move it all across the country into a nice, clean apartment in NY for me, that would just be fantastic. Thanks in advance!



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6 responses to “Mooooooving

  1. Clair

    I like your new blog. Is there no place to leave comments?

    Good luck with the move/new job/apartment-hunt!

  2. Clair

    P.S. That dog link was HILARIOUS!!!

  3. lbs30

    Congrats, Good Luck, Mazel Tov, hope you don’t end up with killer psycho roommate!

  4. Not your sister Nikki

    You should try to make your roadtrip food gp approved! Granola and cookies might be easy… Ps now your going to the east coast I believe you missed out on squash blossoms, thus, you won’t be able to finish the project… Unless you find some before you go – got some pretty shitty ones about two weeks ago in Norcal…

  5. zoobabe

    Have a safe trip Danny! Since you’re leaving on Halloween, I propose that you drive cross country in costume.

  6. Anna

    Best of luck with moving, don’t kill yourself! 🙂 Looking forward to your updates, otherwise all I do is eat doughnuts and watch Friends all the time.

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