Quickly, Before I Go

Ugh, yes, I must leave you again. In two hours, I’ll be headed off to New York (do people still call it the Big Apple? I’ll be sure to say that a lot out there), and I won’t return until Saturday evening. If it’s any consolation, I’m not as jovial about taking this much time off for the project as I have been in the past, now that I’m becoming sliiiightly panicked about how much I still have to left to cook in the next four months.

So the bad news: I’m gone for this week. The good news: Maybe funny stories from New York! And losing another week is only going to make the coming weeks more chaotic. Oh, god, I really don’t even want to think about what’s waiting for me when I return.

To hold you over, here is something I wrote about the strangest thing I saw this weekend. And, to find out what I think about New York in REAL TIME, follow me on Twitter! There, how’s that for self-promotion?

Okay, bye. I miss you already.


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One response to “Quickly, Before I Go

  1. Ceri from Work

    Ok, it won’t let me comment on your Tumbler blog! Flipping hilarious, that is your retelling of the Lewis & Clark ride at Oaks Park. Back in the day, it used to be a REAL haunted house (Although a crapy one) it was MUCH better that the current state of the “ride” we shall call it. My problem was that my son begged to ride it repeatedly. He was convinced the eagle part was filled with bats which he loves. (He is only 3 so not super bright yet.) I to had a WTF moment when it was over.

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