My apathy has become staggering. Used to be, even on my off-days I would at least flip through Gwyneth’s cookbook once a day, doing mental math problems (“If a man is driving 30 MPH to a grocery store 50 miles away, and the cost of ground duck breast is $10.99/lb., how many times will he consider quitting his stupid project?”) and attempting to plan the meals for the next week. Today I realized I can’t even remember the last time I picked up Gwyneth’s book.

Maybe it’s not apathy; maybe I’m just distracted. Portland is at its most beautiful this time of year, and the temptation to be outside of the house all day is too great to resist.  I’ve also been doing some actual, non-Gwyneth, fiction writing, in the hopes that I can pull out of my ass the perfect short story to impress the admissions departments of at least one of the big MFA programs in the country. And, of course, I just had the best weekend I’ve had in a long, long time, and it was all entirely unexpected, and now I’ve come down from it with my head spinning and feeling very disoriented about everything. (Here’s the best advice I can give from what I learned this weekend: Don’t go to the Elephant Garlic Festival. Or, if you must go, bring a bottle of wine covertly wrapped in a T-shirt.)

But I know I have a duty (a very, VERY important duty) to continue on this Sisyphean journey, and I know I stumbled a bit on this journey by not cooking yesterday like I had planned, but I ended up spending most of the day traipsing around (and practically beneath!) Mount St. Helens, which necessitates a simple pizza party for dinner when one returns to Portland. I do have a Gwyneth meal planned soon, and it should be a big one. I have to cook for someone in the near future that I would very much like to impress, so I’m thinking it will be time to take a stab (oh, god, and I unfortunately mean that so literally) at lobster. Fuck, I really don’t know if I can kill a living thing.



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  1. zoobabe

    Good luck Danny! I’m sure that your “someone” will be impressed with your cooking. Do you really have to get live lobsters or can you just buy lobster tails? I know that I couldn’t do that bc years ago I dated a guy that liked to fish and he caught a gorgeous perch that he was gonna cook for us and I had to go outside when he killed it in my kitchen bc it was flopping around in my sink and I freaked out. I ate it though.

  2. Blogging should always be fun so if you’re not feeling cooking/blogging about it right now then pick it up later. You entertain us no matter what you’re writing about.

  3. Melissa

    You should be able to buy ’em cooked, but if you need to get them live stand them on their head (their claws will balance them) – they’ll go to sleep. No, really. Or you can pop them in the freezer for a bit. I go for the asleep mode.

    Of course, my parents have no remorse and just pop them in the water. Boil fishies, BOIL!

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