Another Vacation?

Believe it or not, the time has come for another delay from the Danny/Gwyneth Project. But! It’s not as bad as my Italy trip, I promise. You see, several plane- and train-loads of family members are about to descend upon Portland for a whirlwind 10-day tour of the Pacific Northwest. We’ll be all over the place on the weekends, but will be, for the most part, concentrated together in a rented house up in the San Juan Islands next week.

And, you see, this is where the Project comes in: My sadomasochistic family members have requested I make something of Gwyneth’s for them, so I won’t really be taking all this time off as a vacation. There WILL be cooking. (On the plus side, I think I can force my parents to pay for the ingredients. Lobster grilling it is!) I haven’t totally decided what to make for them yet, and it will probably depend on what sort of cooking equipment we’re faced with when we arrive at the rental house. I also haven’t decided how horrible I want to be to them. Do I try to impress them with a delicious-sounding meal, or do I force them to dine on one of Gwyneth’s more intimidatingly strange meals? I suppose we’ll find out.

So, enjoy the weekend, and expect to hear from me at some point next week, hopefully with stories of family mayhem and cooking gone wrong.

(On a related note, anyone in Portland want to watch my dog? For some reason, all the kennels are either booked or require absurdly extensive “evaluation” time with the dog before they’re allowed to stay overnight. I have no idea what these “evaluation” sessions are like, but my dog is sure to fail most of their tests. So, uh… no idea what I’m going to do with him. Sell him, maybe?)



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8 responses to “Another Vacation?

  1. tishamay

    Have fun with your family and try to blog about the sites you see. Find one of Gwyneth’s crazy dishes to cook.

  2. I’m looking foward to it! I’m not gonna lie, I’m not here for the cooking, I’m here mostly for the laugh (you’re great at that, by the way). Have a good trip, come back with good stories, please.

  3. Avonasea

    Dear lord, please do not sell Bark Anthony! Can’t one of your roommates watch over him? I’d do it, but I am in Canada.

  4. Avonasea

    ..and I meant Antony

  5. phoebz4

    I think you should cook them something with DUCK BACON! Because how many times in your life will you ever have duck bacon?

  6. Rad Co-worker Have a lovely vacation!

  7. Favorite aunt

    Make every expensive strange elaborate thing you can. Especially the expensive part…..after all isn’t that what family is all about???? Wish I was there with the family (not really just felt like that was the proper thing to say)!!!”

  8. TyK

    For seafood, I suggest trying OM seafood Company
    Who knows, they may even have a hook-up for duck bacon

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