DO: Take the Danny/Gwyneth Project Reader Survey!

The new GOOP is here, everyone! And we got SCREWED, because instead of giving us delightful tips on fashion or the finest London fishmongers or whatever, Gwyneth is instead asking US to do something for HER. BOOOOOOOO. It’s the first-ever GOOP reader survey! And, of course, it’s slightly pretentious. For example, the question, “What do you visit GOOP for?” (terrible English, by the way) requires two answers. Because everyone visits GOOP for not only one, but TWO reasons! And “I do it ironically,” isn’t even on the list! So 95% of GOOP’s readership has been forced to lie. (I should also note that in the “favorite website” section, I listed my own website three times. Hi, Gwyneth!)

And, you know what? If today is survey day in the Paltrow household, it’s survey day for me, too. So fill out my survey! Let’s get to know each other better! Or don’t. You don’t have to tell me about yourself if you don’t want. I don’t care. I’m not really going to USE this information for anything, other than curiosity’s sake. And possibly against you in a court of law.



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8 responses to “DO: Take the Danny/Gwyneth Project Reader Survey!

  1. Avonasea

    I just did the survey, but I was a tad disappointed the questions were so innocuous. I was expecting all kinds of ridiculousness and was even prepared for some severe, but pretty humorous, privacy intrusion. Will you be posting some of the demographic results here? I assume most readers are females in their 20s and 30s, but perhaps there are some interesting “abnormalities” you could share. Like, say it turns out 90% of your readers live in Bulgaria or Puerto Rico.

    • I know, I know, but turns out you have to pay for more than 10 questions, so I ended up whittling it down from, like, 50 to 10. Because paying for a survey is just ridiculous. And genuine curiosity outweighed creating a humorous yet useless survey.

  2. Clair

    Or, you could make your own survey in your blog and we can answer in the comments section.

  3. Kim

    I adore you and your blog! I also listed your website on my Goop survey today:)

  4. I didn’t think of putting this website on my GOOP survey, and I’m a little disappointed in myself.

    (Their survey was all over the place – “favorite website”? For what? But then other questions were weirdly specific. Your survey was direct, at least!)

  5. Claudia

    Please post the results of your survey – I’m curious! 🙂

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