The Return of the Project

So, I still have to post my fourth and final dispatch from Italy (I’m waiting to steal some pictures, because I apparently just stop taking photographs halfway through the trip), but in the meantime, shall we resume the Danny/Gwyneth Project? Since we’ve been off-topic for, like, 100 years?

I actually “cooked” a “recipe” last night. But it’s a re-do, because Sam requested more Margarita Granita this weekend, so I whipped those up and threw them in the freezer, to enjoy after work. I’m willing to bet you anything that, once this project is completed, the recipe I make more than any other is the granita. I don’t want to think about what this says about me or my drinking habits.

I had also planned on cooking something tonight, something small, to ease me back on the wagon, but even the simplest of recipes call for the strangest ingredients, and I couldn’t find them all on my grocery run. So, I will need to do some hunting this weekend, I’m sure. Ah, yes. This is the Project I’m remembering. To quote Inspector Clouseau, “It’s all coming back to me.” What a nightmare.

BUT! You can help me with this nightmare! Now’s your chance to influence the Danny/Gwyneth Project. Below are some options of what I should cook next, which YOU can vote on in the comments. (Small print: I reserve the right to not listen to any of you, if the ingredients prove too impossible to procure. Cooking will most likely occur on Sunday.)

Anyway, here are some options, off the top of my head, because I don’t have the book in front of me (feel free to write-in your own candidates if I’ve forgotten something you’ve particularly been wanting to see). Please, have pity on me.

  • Duck Ragu
  • Tuna & Ginger Burgers
  • Turkey Bolognese
  • Fish Tacos
  • Grilled Lobster or something
  • Brisket

So, there we go. Some choices that I pulled out of thin air. I thought of a few more, but vetoed them on account of the recipes requiring duck bacon, which needs to be shipped to me, and D’Artagnan doesn’t deliver on the weekends. Anyway, vote away in the comments!

And, on an unrelated note, a new food blog has been born (because we need more of those, right?)! Well, kind of born. It’s more of a preemie baby right now. But a lot of funny people are getting together to write about dumb foods, so you should probably follow us on Twitter until the website actually, like, debuts. (And, while you’re at it, why not follow me on Twitter, too?)



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20 responses to “The Return of the Project

  1. Toasty up

    Fish tacos! A summery meal while the days are long and warm.

  2. EB

    Lobster something. Love the name.

  3. chick110

    I’d go for fish tacos too although I’d never eat them. 😉

  4. Rad Co-worker

    Tuna and Ginger burgers!! For curious minds, ya know. Mmm…burgers!

  5. Ceri from Work


  6. zoobabe

    I vote for fish tacos as well.

  7. Mallex

    Go for the lobster!

  8. Amanda

    Turkey bolognese! ‘Cause it sounds like the only thing on that list that I would pick out to make for myself.

  9. Another vote for the fish tacos! Especially if it includes a non-mayo (err, Veganaisse) slaw. A) goes great with the granita, and B) they’re perfect for summer nights … And now I have the Grease soundtrack going in my head. Yikes.

  10. Kate

    I have to vote Duck Ragu, because I will never, ever make THAT, so I think it would be nice if someone else would!

  11. Nicolle

    Hilarious blog!! I vote for the tuna and ginger burgers.

  12. Duck Ragu. I vote for that because I assume that it’s just a duck covered in Ragu sauce, and that seams pretty easy to procure.

  13. Nicole

    Tuna and ginger burgers.

  14. Sara

    duck ragu, sans salt. my vote is most important.

  15. Avonasea

    I won’t be in the mood for anything Duck this Sunday. Please refrain. Any of the seafood options, however, would be great. I would speculate that you won’t be doing the ‘lobster and something’ for some reason, but you might be game for those tacos or the tuna. Tuna has mercury and things, so fish tacos (what kind of fish are we talking here?) would be it!

  16. Kimber

    I live in AK and with a freezer full of fish …fish taco’s and halibut enchalada’s end up on the table at least once a month.

    Both are really good.

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