You Might as Well Just Skip This Post

This isn’t going to be exciting. And if that opening line doesn’t draw you in, I don’t know WHAT will. I did some cooking last night, but I wanted something easy, that I could have as leftovers for a few lunches this week. So I made White Bean Soup, and it was fine, and that is that. I guess I’ll give you more details, but, I’m not joking, this is going to be pretty dull. You’ve been warned.

The grocery store had everything I needed. See? Already off to a boring start. To make White Bean Soup, I first needed to make Vegetable Stock, which is a bunch of vegetables stewed in water on the stove for at least an hour. We’re always told by people like Martha Stewart and Ina Garten that we should have frozen stock on hand, but I’ve never been that kind of guy, who has homemade vegetable and chicken stock in his freezer. Well, now I am. The stock turned out fine – it’s plain old vegetable stock, nothing to see here, folks – and I froze most of it, while reserving two pints for the soup.

The beginning of vegetable stock. I’m not bothering with a picture of the final result, because it looks like slightly dirty water. Just imagine that.

The soup was almost easier than the stock, seeing as it didn’t require so much vegetable chopping. Sauteed a fennel bulb, an onion, and some garlic in olive oil for about half an hour, letting it slowly soften and sweeten. Added some spices. Poured two cans of cannellini beans and two pints of the vegetable stock in. Let simmer for an hour. Tore up some kale, threw that into the pot for another ten minutes, and that, my friends, is Gwyneth’s White Bean Soup.

Now, there are actually two ways to make white bean soup, and this is only the first. The second is a variation on French onion soup, as it ends without the kale, but instead with baguette slices and Parmesan cheese being baked on top of the soup. Gwyneth says she loves the “idea of” French onion soup, but doesn’t actually like French onion soup. I don’t even know what that means, but it’s amazing how even French onion soup isn’t good enough for her. So, I guess at some point I’m going to need to make this again, so I can try version two. But not anytime soon, because it’s hard to even stay awake when cooking this dull of a meal.

I told you this wouldn’t be exciting.



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7 responses to “You Might as Well Just Skip This Post

  1. I think this is the most depressingly boring blog post I’ve ever read. Go find some duck bacon! Eat a bowl of Vegenaise! Wow, I think I just almost made myself vomit.

  2. chick110

    She likes the IDEA of French Onion soup, but doesn’t actually like it? If that doesn’t sum up this whole blog, I don’t know what does…

  3. PBD

    I cannot believe I am about to type the following sentence. I get what Gwyneth means when she says she likes the idea of French Onion Soup but she doesn’t actually like French Onion Soup. I like the idea of bread and cheese baked on an onion soup. I like bread, cheese and onions. BUT FOS is WAY to salty and I hate it. So long post short. I get Gwyneth. FML.

    • wendy_loohoo

      I agree with your PBD when I read that she likes the idea of FOS but doesn’t really like it, I agreed with her and then I cringed because I was agreeing with her. In my opinion FOS is too salty and too thin….I really like chowders more than soups.

  4. chick110

    I understand what you’re saying, PBD. *I* would hate FOS because I hate onions in really any form except for onion powder. But I do like bread and cheese and I love bread with melted cheese. I was just saying that Gwyneth seems to be this erudite foodie, making our poor Danny rack his brains out looking for duck bacon of all things, and here she doesn’t even like a simple thing like FOS.

  5. Betsy

    Did you feel like saying Shame on you Gwyneth after making this soup? Who makes homeade sriratcha and then follows it with something like this? Does this recipe fit with the other recipes in the book? Perhaps it’s a filler suggested by Mario or Mark…

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