Googling Myself

I didn’t do any cooking last night. I worked out and then spent the rest of the evening splayed out on the couch, either reading or watching TV or both. It was fantastic. But tonight I’ll be attempting a recipe (or two, I guess, since Gwyneth is so good at splitting recipes up so they count for more than one. Which makes both our jobs easier, frankly). Which means, as far as today is concerned, I have nothing interesting to report.

But I would like to take a moment to say that my favorite part of this blog (aside from all of you, of course) is getting to see what Google searches end up leading people here. Here are some of my favorites:

  • gwyneth paltrow spain obnoxious
  • blythe danner grandma?
  • how to keep homemade ravioli fresh till you use it
  • julie powell [Yes! Poached one of her fans!]
  • cardboard desks
  • where to buy vegenaise in london [Oh boy, I feel your pain.]
  • cannot find duck bacon – can i use pork bacon
  • gwinneth & pizza! enjoy! [This is my absolute favorite. Who Googles like this?]
  • duck bacon in portland or [Is there a fellow Portlander seeking duck bacon out there? Contact me! Let’s work together!]
  • danny and hwyneth [There are about a million variations on her name, but this is my favorite.]
  • gwyneth smug

I think that sums up the Project nicely.



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7 responses to “Googling Myself

  1. Clair

    My favorite is “Cardboard desks”.

    What the…

  2. zoobabe

    after your exasperating post about trying to fing duck bacon, I googled “where can I find duck bacon in Portland?” and it linked me back to here. So- I was just trying to help, but obvs. got nowhere fast with that. I think that Gwynnie’s pubblishers should send you some duck bacon, since you’re promoting her book with your blog.

    • lbs30

      I too googled duck bacon after that post.

    • wendy_loohoo

      I google’d duck bacon well specifically that D’artagnan site to see what credit cards they would take since it seemed that Danny was having such issues with them.

  3. I love the cardboard desks! How random!

  4. Amy

    I found your blog through a link in a comment at the end of this entry on The Kitchn (cool site)

  5. Tania

    If you are still looking to get some Duck Bacon, I’m wanting to place an order with D’artagnan, but their shipping costs are ridiculous for the little bit I want to order…if enough of us pooled together, we could make it work the cost. $20 shipping for a $13 pack of bacon? That’s mental.

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