Well, my plans for dinner last night fell apart. Mainly because a dreary morning had somehow, in the nine hours I spent crammed in a corner cubicle, transformed into a perfect afternoon. And I decided I didn’t really want to spend hours in the kitchen, and would much rather be outside, biking, playing tennis, and just getting generally sunburned. This is Portland, people, and we have to take sunny days when we get ’em.

So the sun means you get nothing interesting from me today. I’m contemplating tackling one of the harder dishes this weekend, though, so stay tuned. Loyal readers WILL be rewarded. Much to my chagrin.

Additionally, the sun has once again disappeared, and today is miserable. So, there will be cooking tonight. Nothing too complicated, because we are having people over tonight and I don’t want to still be cooking when they arrive. (Plus, I want to eat before they arrive, so I don’t have to feed everyone. This may not be in tune with the Gwyneth way, but some of us aren’t billionaires.)

On a semi-related note, I recently purchased Fuschia Dunlop’s Land of Plenty, and I’m dying to try out some of her recipes. Cooking only Gwyneth food recently — and for the foreseeable future — I’m going to be having mostly European-influenced cuisine. But I’m a sucker for Asian food, and I can feel some undeniable cravings beginning. I also have a Japanese cookbook I’ve been wanting to experiment with, and would love to try out this easy recipe for dashi I found.

I may cheat on Gwyneth.



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6 responses to “Procrastination

  1. samcrews

    Does that insinuate that the duck is coming?!?! That’s gonna be a good day. For me. Less for you.

    • Haven’t made my mind up, so no promises on the duck. There are, after all, many mussels and clams and lobsters and other pricey things lurking on the horizon as well. So, something awful is sure to happen soon.

  2. Gir

    My husband makes dashi – it’s actually really easy and delicious. We have a stockpile in the freezer for noodle bowl emergencies.
    Are you sure Gwynnie would approve if you’re not having the kombu imported from a small Japanese village?

  3. zoobabe

    I don’t think that you should cheat on Gwyneth. It would be like Apple eating at McDonald’s.

  4. mer

    hmmm…while i don’t mind you blogging about nonsensery on the days you don’t cook, i don’t like the thought of you straying from Gwen. After all, this is the Danny/Gwenyth Project, not “some guy named Danny’s blog about whatever he feels like.”

    Of course, this is the English teacher in me looking for some attempt at organization. I liked someone else’s suggestion that you consistently call out Gwenyth on her bullshit. Someone has to, and I’m too chicken.

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