Julie/Julia vs. Danny/Gwyneth

I’ve decided to do my best at updating regularly, even though I won’t be cooking every day. (Not even close, in fact: There are probably less than 40 main dishes in the entire book, and I’ve got nine months in which to do them. Deal with it!) But it’ll be nice to check in with you all from time to time, right? I may do some cooking tonight, but no promises. I’ve almost knocked out all of the easiest recipes, so now things get interesting, and insanely expensive. I’m going to be buying a LOT of duck, lobster, and clams in the near future, and I’m not exactly sure how I’m going to afford any of it. I’ll have to space them out as much as possible. Maybe I’ll set aside a portion of each paycheck every two weeks, for my “lobster budget” or whatever. Ugh, what have I become?

I’ve also got some ideas brewing for the blog. Maybe I’ll take up side jobs to afford all this crap and will document my adventures in babysitting or whatever. Maybe I’ll start a spin-off blog, “Confessions of a Call Girl”-style, and will become a high-class prostitute who gets paid in foie gras. We’ll see.

Anyway, I’ve been reading the original blogs from the Julie/Julia Project, to get an idea of what Julie Powell went through in her ordeal. (Which is actually what inspired me to do some more writing, even when not cooking – Julie would often go several days without cooking, but would still try to blog at least once a day, even if it was just a paragraph or two.) Obviously, our projects are very different: She had to cook an average of almost 2 recipes a day to finish her project in a year; I have to complete one “recipe” every two days to finish in nine months. Her project was about learning classical techniques and cooking homely food on a budget; mine is basically the opposite.

But there are some similarities. Julie and I both genuinely enjoy cooking, but are complete amateurs. We both seem to be stubborn and foolish enough to finish our projects, even if there’s really no overall objective. And we both swear a lot in our writing. Probably too much.

I actually have never really liked Julie Powell. She always seemed obnoxious and self-centered and way too high-strung. And Amy Adams’s portrayal of her definitely didn’t make her any less so in my mind. But now I find myself enjoying reading her old posts, and in going through my dumb project I feel sort of a kinship to her, as stupid as that sounds. My project is already making me halfway insane, so I can imagine how cooking over 500 serious, classical French dishes in a year could do a number on your head. I’ve also started to think of her as my unofficial guru throughout this project. (For example, when forced to cook lobster by Julia Child, Julie wrote, “Originally we were meant to have lobster tonight, but we are frighteningly poor, so Iโ€™m putting that off. ย I see economic constraints becoming more and more of a factor.” Amen, and I feel I will be citing that precedent a lot in the future to delay some of the more expensive meals.)

Anyway, that’s today’s revelation: Begrudging respect for Julie Powell. FASCINATING to hear about, I’m sure. Tonight, I may cook something simple, because I don’t feel like giving a whole organic duck a salt scrub tonight. That seems like more of a weekend project, no?

Let me know what you think of the non-Gwyneth, non-food posts. Do you prefer hearing from me on my off-days, or are you a food purist and do you prefer SILENCE when I’m not cooking? Or do you just not give a shit because it’s only a stupid blog? No, it definitely can’t be that last one.



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17 responses to “Julie/Julia vs. Danny/Gwyneth

  1. Betsy

    You’re entertaining! Regular blogs posts (even without recipes) sound good to me. If you need content, you can always check the gossip sites or GOOP and comment on them.

  2. Oldest and Wisest Sister

    I just want credit where credit is due. The taking side jobs for cash to fund the project and then writing about said adventures was my idea. Not the prostitution one, per se, but I’ll probably still take the credit if you start doing that.

    • You’re right, Mysteriously Unnamed Oldest Sister. I meant to give you credit, but then I forgot. If I actually do it, you’ll be credited fully for my misery.

  3. FanEmily

    I second the request for regular updates regardless of recipe attempts! Keep the funny coming!

  4. Clair

    I vote for regular blog updates too.

    I like how you put Gwen’s “recipes” in quotes. hee

    • grandmom

      Write, write grandson mine! You have the talent, discipline,make me laugh humor, and are a “chip off someone in the family’s” block” – hmmm.
      Keep on a’ bloggin’ and a’ cookin’ sweetie. xxx sua ebrea nonna.

  5. Brittany

    Another vote for more writing! No need to have a recipe report with every blog post. I’m here for your entertaining writing style as much as the actual project at hand.

  6. Favorite Aunt

    We require daily entertainment & you are now in charge of providing that so you must blog every day – for 10 of them you can blog in Italian which should be even more entertaining! Wonder if Gwynie wants to meet up with you for a farmers market visit ? Maybe she will invite us all to dinner in her Italian villa, I mean she must have one right?

  7. Mom

    How can you be my son? Dad’s out of town, so I’m thinking of dinner. Since I absolutely hate going to the grocery store I decided to see what I could make for dinner. I have only 2 options, Mac and Cheese or cereal with milk, but crap, I don’t have any milk. Either it’s mac and cheese with water or dry cereal. Keep blogging. Maybe laughing at your blogs will help me forget my empty stomach.

  8. Amy

    Please keep writing! You’re very entertaining and it looks like you’re not a bad cook either. I’m really enjoying your blog!

  9. Carrie

    When you do give your duck a salt scrub, please let us know the kind of salt you use. Is Gwynnie a salt snob? Are you? ๐Ÿ™‚

  10. zoobabe

    another vote for you to keep updating the blog with your witty writing. I subscribed to this thing, which means that you are privy to my email address so you’d better make it worth it! Just keep on keepin’ on and you’ll get through all the tough stuff.

  11. Theda

    Keep writing – I heart your posts! I found you by way of a reference in the Kitchn/Apartment Therapy blog and love your antics. Plus the comments from your family are pretty entertaining, too.

  12. chick110

    If you don’t blog everyday (or every other day), we may think you’ve dropped off the face of the earth. So, do us readers a favor and keep up the good work. It’s good for at least a giggle or two per day! ๐Ÿ™‚

  13. Gir

    I’m with zoobabe – I subscribed to this so I’d better see an e-mail daily or…ELSE! If I tell you that I’m reading it aloud to my baby to keep her entertained will you update daily? ๐Ÿ˜‰

  14. Ceri from work

    I 16th bloging often! Oh and when you do the “duck salt scrub” or what ever it’s called you can go that It’s a fancy salt store on Mississippi the meadow to get your fancy salt. Have you been there? I mean money is no object right?? I bet they even have some gold flecked salt…. Maybe even Gwyenth has shopped there! Oh and Kurt would like you to get some of that Chocolate bacon while your there….

  15. JoAnn

    Love your blog.

    Julie Powell asked for contributions. A friend of mine sent her a nice amount and she never thanked him. Rude! I am not overly fond of her.

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