For Mom

As I sit here, waiting for my dough to rise and my sauce to simmer (you’ll have to wait to see what I’m making!), I thought I’d say a few words about my mom, seeing as it’s Mother’s Day. Sorry for the divergence, but I’m sure Gwyneth would approve. Also, my mom emailed me to say that she’s waiting for a new blog post from me, and then yelled at me again when I called to wish her a happy Mother’s Day. So, this should shut her up.

The embarrassing photo to the left is my mom, who is going to love that this is being posted so publicly. The older pictures of her are kind of horrifying, but my dad got lucky in that she got better as she aged. She looks nothing like that disgruntled monster to the left anymore, trust me. But that picture is too good to NOT post. Sorry, Mom. (She’ll want me to tell you all that she’s had NO work done. Unless things have changed since I was last home.)

Anyway, I can’t imagine anyone else ever had a better mom. She worked full-time at making sure my sisters and I had the best upbringing possible. She gave us boundaries, so we weren’t a bunch of wild creatures running around the streets, but she also let us make our own mistakes, and gave us enough freedom and trust so we never felt stifled, or the resentment other kids our age seemed to show towards their parents. Our house was always the place for our friends to come hang out, and at times it felt like we were living in Grand Central Station (one friend of my sister would sometimes come over and fix herself lunch when my sister wasn’t even home). But my mom seemed to love it, and she became a second mom to many, many kids.

I got a lot of my personality from my mom, but the thing I’m most grateful to have picked up is her sense of humor. She rarely finds a situation – no matter how serious – that she can’t make a joke out of, and she’s quicker and wittier than most people I know. She’s also completely shameless, which makes her all the more hilarious. When she and her wild group of friends would come to visit my sisters or I at college, all of our friends would want to come out with us, because it was guaranteed to be a blast. Without any sense of irony, I’m sure my sisters would agree that some of our funniest nights in college happened with our mom.

(One example: We were visiting my little sister at school last year over the weekend, and my sister had to go to a party at her boyfriend’s house that night. So we dropped her off at her apartment and said goodnight, and then my mom and her friend Jan decided it would be hilarious if we crashed the party. So we drove to the boyfriend’s apartment building and knocked on his apartment door. The look of absolute horror on his face as he opened the door was priceless, and his immediate reaction was to slam the door on us. He then reopened the door and invited us in, and the moms proceeded to force the boyfriend and his brothers to pose for Christmas photos on the couch, as a group of confused college kids wondered just what had happened to their party. My sister showed up fifteen minutes later, and it’s impossible to describe the look on her face. Just imagine you’re in college, and you went to a party at your boyfriend’s house and your MOM answered his door.)

My mom is also about a nice a person as you can find. She slows down entire restaurants when we go out to eat, because she asks the server all about his or her life. She’s genuinely interested in everyone, and she can’t stop trying to help people. She does a lot for a local abused women’s shelter, and helps out a large amount of other charities. She’s been there for me every time I needed her – during one recent tough period I was going through, she was on vacation with my dad, but seriously offered to fly me down to the Caribbean to join them, if that would make me feel better. I didn’t take her up on the offer, because I am an idiot.

There’s a million other things I could say about my mom. I couldn’t even begin to tell my favorite stories about her, because there are too many to count. But I should say that, being a middle child, not only did I have to compete for attention with the favorite older sibling and the baby younger one, but I also had to compete with the coolest mom anyone’s ever had. Which is why I’m so attention-hungry. Mom, this is all your fault.

To sum it all up, I think I need to apologize to the rest of you. I’m sure your moms are great or whatever, but I’m sorry that you all missed out on having the best mother ever.



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13 responses to “For Mom

  1. db

    Gottleib, f you. This whole thing is ridiculous. First of all you again stole my blog idea of giving a mother’s day gift of a blog, so now I guess my mother’s day gift is just this blog comment. Second, you’ve alienated your entire base which I will now admit has been me all along. I visit the site hundreds of times a day under nom de plumes, so many in fact that I’ve run out of real first names to use and have fallen so far as to use the “name” “Toasty”. I like your mom a lot, but you’re the one who missed out. But of course, why wouldn’t I say that? Think this over mathematically before your next mother’s day bloggings. Also, tell your mom happy mother’s day; I really like moms based on experiences with my own.

  2. Not Danny's Mom

    What the ……. I start the morning ready to laugh and instead there’s all this sentimental goo about what sounds like an amazing woman. That’s all sweet and nice, but let’s get back to the cooking and the laughter. Your Mom must be very proud of what a great kid you turned out to be and I have also heard the rumor that she’s had no work done!

    • Sara

      No, she’s had A TON of work done. As Danny’s sister, and since you’re DEFINITELY not danny’s mom, I take the authority on this. No one has breasts like that naturally.

      • Not Danny's Mom

        ‘Not Danny’s Mom’ thanks you very much. Not many people are blessed with breasts this nice.

  3. Oldest and Wisest Sister

    First of all, so glad I’m now up there for the world to see. Class act. Second, let’s not forget that Sara posted the gem of a photo of Mom on Facebook first and yesterday I was the one to remind you all that it was still there. Mom, you’re all over the internet! Third, I AM THE ACKNOWLEDGED FAVORITE!?!! Fourth, you’re such a suck up.

  4. zoobabe

    So all that fancy schmancy food shopping you’ve been doing left you too poor to buy your mom a present?
    All kidding aside, that was a very sweet and touching post and now I want to know who your mom wants to play HER in the movie.

  5. Sara

    My present is still going to be way better. Just sayin’.

  6. Clair

    Awww. Very sweet, Danny.

  7. katieb

    Gott-leib, how cute is your post about your mom? I mean, I totally want to snuggle it all of the time.

    I know you know what voice that is.

  8. Fred

    How you doin Danny Boy- I found your Mother’s Day tribute humorous, endearing, but a bit off color. I hope you bought your mother a very nice gift. Speaking of gifts, I feel it very inappropriate that you display your mother’s and young sister’s natural given beauties like produce at the local farmers market. Please do not objectify Gwyneth, or any other females in this way. What’s next Apple’s???????? Don’t……….

    • Oldest and Wisest and Feminist Sister

      It’s just an inside joke, not objectification of any sort. So don’t worry! Let’s not try to make this foodie blog into a political statement. Oh, and FYI, saying “natural given beauties” in place of “boobs” or “breasts” makes this comment a little creepy.

      • AnonyMc

        Pretty sure the Gottleib women take full ownership of their “natural given beauties” — even when they ditch them in the bushes.

  9. Steiner

    @Oldest and Wisest Sister – you make me laugh!!! You had the luxury of the great mom and an awesome mom and an amazing 7th grade science teacher. I didn’t have the privilege of having Danny in my class.

    @ Danny – love the Blog (very Julie/Julia). Trying to picture who could play you in the movie! I plan to continue reading. Have to thank Wisest and Oldest McCann Sister for the FB link. It is fun, insightful and good food! Yum! Keep it up!

    @ Both – I have a few great stories of that fantastic mother of yours for the right price! 🙂 🙂 🙂 SHe is amazing though! I will concur!

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